Our 入学 Team

Each applicant to Baylor is assigned an admission counselor who will guide you through the process, and you should feel free to contact your counselor any time you have a question.

比尔默多克 '81

As Director of 金融援助 and Scholarships, Bill enjoys showing families the opportunities available at Baylor and helping them make the right match between student and school. His goal is to get to know applicants “as people, not files.”

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Lori Kinney

Lori knows Baylor in and out as mom to three Baylor students and dorm mom to some 40 boys in Probasco Hall. That knowledge comes in handy as she helps you navigate the admission process.

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Jenny Silberman

Applicants assigned to Jenny have learned that she does her best to make sure you feel comfortable at Baylor. She'll show you all that Baylor has to offer and help you decide if Baylor is a good fit for you. You'll also get to know Jenny at the admission testing site.

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Director of 入学
(423) 757-2817

Director of 金融援助
(423) 757-2821

入学 Associate
(423) 267-8506, ext. 827

Dexter Cantelou
入学 Associate
(423) 757-2627

Associate Director, 登机 入学
(423) 757-2820

Director of Student Diversity and Development
(423) 757-2834

Lori Kinney
入学 Associate
(423) 267-5902

维吉尼亚安妮 Manson
Director of 登机 入学
(423) 757-2826

Sally Ratterman
Associate Director, 一天 入学
(423) 267-8506, ext. 249

Jenny Silberman
Associate Director, 一天 入学
(423) 757-2831

Associate Director, 一天 入学
(423) 757-2835

Eric Westmoreland
入学 Associate
(423) 267-8505, ext. 334

入学 Associate
(423) 267-8505, ext. 570

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